उज्जैन दर्शन- भस्म आरती से लेकर प्राचीन मंदिरों तक

Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple

Shree Mahakaleshwar is honour for Ujjain darshan, the glory of Mahakaal is Divining. As per ShivPuran Mahakal is famous among 12 Jyotriling because he himself is Kaal of Kaal. Jyotirling – Sourashtre Somnatham ch Shree Shelle Mallikaarjunam | Ujjainiya Mahakalmo kar mamleshwaram || Paralya Baijnatham ch Dakinya Bheemshankaram | Setu bandhe tu ramesham Nagesham Daarukavane ||Vaaranasyam tu Visvesham Triyambakm Goumati Tate | Himaalaye tu Kedaram Ghushmesham ch Shivalaye || Etani Jyotirlingani Sayan Pratah Pathennar | Sapt Janm Krutam Papam Smarnen Vinashyati | These 12 jyotirlings are situated in all directions of India as Kedarnath is in North, Rameshwaram is in South, Somanath is in West, Mallikarjun in East and Mahakaal is Situates in the center of India. The rest Jyotirlings are also situated in important directions with specific angles. Mahakaal and Astrology Jyotirlings is not only a symbol of knowledge and light but also of astrological calculations. The center of this calculation is Mahakaal. There are 12 Jyotirlings, 12 Sun(Aditya), 12 months, 12 planets and 12th hours in kundali and all these are 12th hours of the kundali of India.

Ujjain darshan

Harsiddhi Temple (ujjain darshan)

This Deity is the ever worshipped deity of King Vikramaditya. Harsiddhi has a specific importance in the ancient and sacred places of Ujjain darshan. One of the 84 Siddh Places as per shiv Puran the Kohni (Elbow) of Devi Sati fell down here. As per Skand Puran in ancient time, Chanda Munda, the two Devils terrorized the whole country. After creating a disturbance by them on Kailash Mountain, Shiv invoked the deity chandi and she killed them. On this Happily Shiv praised her and declared Harasthmaah he chandi sanhato dusht daanvoo | Harsiddhi to loke namnaa khyatim gagishyati || that as she has killed the devils she will be named as Harsiddhi. Temple has four doors on all four sides. The main door is on the east, on south there is a well which has a pillar bearing the march of 1947. Temple has the statue of deity Annapurna on the front of the Temple, two large and tall pillars with 726 light stands (Diyas) are situated. These give very picturesque sight during the Navratri. https://hotelsinujjain.in

Ujjain darshan

ISKCON Temple (ujjain darshan)

Ujjain  Darshan is one of the major Hindu pilgrimage centers in India. ISKCON Temple which is located near Nanakheda Bus Stand in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh. The religious significance of Ujjain is also that Lord Shri Krishna and his brother Balaram studied here at Guru Sandipani Ashram. For more details please visit the website https://iskconujjain.com/.

Kal Bhairava Temple (ujjain darshan)

This very ancient temple is situated on the bank of Kshipra and 4 Kms away from city. This place is one of the eight famous Bhairav places of Lord Shaiv cult. Traditionally Liquor is offered to Bhairav in the form of Prasad. This Place has a special significance for the Kapalik and Aughad Cult.


On the Bank of River Kshipra and 5 Kms away from the city, this temple is, as described in the Matsya Puran the origin place of Mangal (Mars) planet. A special Worship rituals prayer is done here on every Tuesday which is attended by thousands of devotees who worship Mangal Linga.

Gopal Mandir

This is situated at the center of the city. It’s atop and Garbhgriha are made of marble with statues of Devi Rukmani on left side and of Shiv-Parvati on the right side. Temple has main statues of Gopal Krishna in Black Colour stone and of Radhika in white. There is Gemstone Plate on Door in Garbhgriha.